Greenfield professional horse care during your hollidays WorldWide

Dear Horseowner / Horselover,

Do you have the same problem as so many other horse owners around the world.

You want to take a short or longer holliday. Relaxing this time without any thinking about horses ?

But as being a treu horse lover and a serious horse owner, you want to make sure that when you are away, your horses will receive the best care and love.

But who is going to do this for you, and is this person trustworthy to complete the full checklist ?

Also, will this person be ready to come when you want to leave ?

We have the solution for you.

We are treu professional horsemen and horse owners ourself. We travell the world to assist all our clients and make sure they can go on their so deserved hollidays.

This without being concerned if your horses receive the proper work out and well deserved horse care.

We also keep your house/estate clean, care for your pets, plants and flowers, mail by post. We can do also little jobs in and around your house/estate.

Please call us for more information !

Thanks for visiting our webpage.

Wouter Boonstoppel, CEO.

For further information please contact us at : +32.477.55.48.22

Please contact us : e-mail

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